Thursday, October 30, 2008

Library Ignorance

So I work at a library at my community college and I swear some people that come through here... but yeah. So the top things that I hate getting asked or that I hate people doing:

1. "Do you have a bathroom?"

Not, "where are the bathrooms" but if we HAVE them! I always want to say, "no we just pee on the floor around here." Really, ask your questions correctly.

2. Going to the computer I am not at.

There are two computers at the circulation desk, but sometimes I am the only one at the circulation desk. People have this horrible habit of going to the computer I am not stationed at to check out something. Just walk a couple more steps so I don't have to walk over there, come back to my computer, then walk back over to you.

3. Pointing or whispering.

We have headsets at the circulation desk that people can check out, and I hate it when people just point at them. Ask for the headsets! Some people don't even point, they just walk up with their card out like I am supposed to know exactly what they want, which I don't considering we check out all kinds of reserve stuff at the circulation desk. Also, people whisper. We are on a completely different level than the actual "quiet" library, and I can't read lips. So talk up.

4. The Library Club.

I have had many people come in here thinking that this is some kind of club. They just like to hang out in here. What? It's the library!

5. People who don't know what they are looking for-at all.

"You know... that thing... uhm..."

I don't have a lot to work with.

6. People who assume I can magically fix a machine that is messing up or do all sorts of things.

I am a library assistant. That should tell you enough.

So any thoughts?

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Phone Etiquette

So I have had an interesting time with phones lately. I am pretty sure everybody has. I mean, phones are pretty much everywhere now. So, here are some phone etiquette rules to get you by.

1. Do not interrupt.

I recently was answering the phone for the admissions office at my community college while the admissions counselors were in a meeting. I know enough about the school to lead them in the right direction, or I just take a message.

One guy called one day and asked me if we offered photo classes. I had met the photography teacher, so I told him we did. This is how the rest of the conversation went.

Him: "Oh, do you know if they will be offering them in the Spring Semester?"
Me: "We do not know yet, but..."
Him: "Do you know the professor's name?"
Me: "I can't remember this second, but if you will hold..."
Him: "Oh, well when will you know when you will be offering it?"
Me: "The schedule is not out just yet, but it should..."
Him: "Oh, well I will just call back later."

I could have told him about when the schedule would be out and the professors name by looking it up quickly. Don't miss out on valuable information just because you are impatient.

2. Do not order food while talking on the phone. I have seen several fast food restaurants put up this sign, and even my college had to put this up at random offices. It is completely unprofessional and plain out rude. These people are trying their hardest to serve you after long days, and you are just making it longer.

3. Do not text while you are on the phone with somebody. It is rude, and well, annoying.

4. Do not put it on speaker phone in a public place. It is difficult for the other person to hear if you are in a louder place, and it makes the conversation, well, public.

5. Ummmm... let me see... ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmMMMMMMMMMM ergh.

6. Do not talk while you are on the phone. It is gross, and hard to understand you.

7. Don't tell somebody to "hold on for a second" then go away forever, and do it multiple times during the phone conversation. Some people pay per minute, and it is a waste of your time. Exceptions include emergencies and using the bathroom. Don't go change the laundry or something. Just wait, or do it while you are on the phone with them.

8. "Uh-huh." Yup, uh-huh, sure, yeah, you know right? Yeah I thought so. You don't even know what I am talking about do you?

9. If you are at home, in your living room watching television with your family or others, and the phone rings, and it is going to be a fairly extensive conversation, (i.e. more then a minute) GET UP! People are trying to relax and watch tv, but have to overhear your conversation and even turn down the TV.

10. If you have a bluetooth set, I am sorry, the world does not revolve around you. Yes, we are going to think you are talking to us if you randomly say hello. Yes we are going to turn and think "what the hell?" If you have a bluetooth set and you want to keep it, accept this and move on, and don't act like we are being the rude ones for staring or answering. We can't tell!

11. Leave the phone for outside the elevator if there is someone else in it. Talk about awkward. And loud.

12. And the obvious one, if you desperately have to go to the bathroom, leave the noise to the echo of the bathroom itself, not the phone. No one wants to hear that, well, crap.

Any thoughts?